Dahlagenturer - José Antonio Coderch
Dahlagenturer - José Antonio Coderch

José Antonio Coderch


Antonio Armesto,Rafael Diez|2008

This monographic study is illustrated with those works by José Antonio Coderch (1913-1984) which condense his essential concerns about utensils and inhabited space. This selection shows that the objects he defined are conceptually inseparable from his architecture. Indeed they are crucial elements for describing a pragmatic universe, thus containing the imaginative substratum of his technical and artistic activity. All of them are related to heat and light –from fire or the sun–, both in their physical and thermodynamic sense and in their archetypical sense, and linked to the anthropological phenomenon of habitation. These objects are, then, joined to each other and to his architecture by a fascinating magical, mysterious analogical relation. student of Coderch’s, he has studied and made his mentor’s work known through different publications and articles, seminars and conferences.

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